Lebanon is located in western Asia and its borders are with Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south. The official language of the country is Arabic, French is the second spoken language and most of the people are speaking English as well. The capital is Beirut and the official currency is the Lebanese pound.

The must-see

Nejmeh Square
Mesquita De Mohammad Amin Beirut
Souk El Tayeb (every Saturday at Trablos Street from 9am to 2pm)
Zaytouna Bay
Pigeon Rocks in Raouche

Good Pubs 

– The Village in Dbayeh (any pub is good it’s a concept of a village where you have different restaurants and then different bars to choose from)
– Central Station in Mar Mikhael (it’s one of the best bars) in case it’s full Mar Mikhael is a long street of pubs so you will always find a good spot there.

These are the trendiest spots for pubs now.


All are on the way to Beirut or in Beirut you have The O1NE, B018, Grand Factory, and The Root. If you want to see the different genres of music in a very classy setting than Music Hall is your place!


lebanese food as a local


– Zaatar w Zeit, there are branches everywhere you just tell me where you will be and I will find you one. You can also eat there after long party night it’s open 24/7
– L’abeille d’or or Sea Sweet they have something called KNEFEH this is sweet and yummy I always have a craving for it!
– Breakfast Barn in Ashrafye Beirut


—> Lebanese Food

a) Em Sherif
b) Leila at Zaytouna Bay
c) Al Balad (branch in Beirut Downtown or in Jounieh on your way to Byblos)
d) Mhanna in Jal el Dib
e) Liza in Doumani Beirut

—> Fusion

a) Couqley in Blueberry square Dbaye must try there steak & fries and crème brûlée super good!
You can, for example, have dinner there and then drinks at the village cause they are super close.
b) The Gathering it’s a very nice place where you can choose between three restaurants: steakhouse, Italian, or cheese & wine it’s in Gemmayze so Close to Mar Mikhael you can have dinner there then Drinks
c) Zaytouna Bay you have a wide range of restaurants to choose from the setting is nice and it’s in Beirut
d) Roadster dinner (many branches)
e) Bar Tartine Dbayeh
f) Divvy at The Village in Dbayeh


a) Dip n dip you will love me for that place
b) Crepaway (crepe Aurelie or the oreo one)
c) Crepico 

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