Digital Humanities

Being digital nomads, we have also a plenty of experience in humanities computing. We use digital methods to delve deeper in digital humanities projects like history arts and design. Combining the traditional strengths of the humanities with attention to digital and information technology, we literally explore and visualize digital humanities stories. Based on features that can be used for data analysis, we evaluate existing digital platforms using computational methods to represent and process data.

Data visualization and Analysis

Whether you are pitching an idea, persuading others to take action, building a strategy, or making a decision, data is key. But the amount of information available today is staggering, and it is easy to become overwhelmed by too many statistics, distracted by the wrong set of numbers, and confused by the complexity of data. Azeronomad’s network combines the science of data visualization with the arts of graphic design and helps the user communicate complex information more accurately and effectively. By transforming datasets into visual graphics- such as charts, bar graphs, scatterplots, and heatmaps- the clients get fully interactive and creative visualizations that present complex data and ideas in ways the their audience can better understand.


Interactive Cartography

As mapping specialists, we work with any interested, that needs to create maps he envisions. Azeronomad’s network provides all of the cartographic services from concept through delivery, in the most efficient and cost-effective means possible. Our clients want maps that are not only attractive but also complete and accurate. Our experts review maps for content, suitability and verification, geographic accuracy and design issues. Azeronomad’s staff combines elements of cartography and design effectively to give clients map a unique look. New and innovative designs are routinely applied. 

Azeronamad network strives for consistency in style for a particular map series. Utilizing complex datasets we can map our clients request through the newest technologies, latest software updates and data processing tools. Among other services we offer data conversion, data manipulation, geocoding, scripting, street mapping, historical mapping and web mapping. Azeronomad’s network can custom-build a mapping program that meets requirements, showcases user’s company, and uses tools that solve any demanding mapping problem. GIS technologies, Carto, Tableaux, Mapbox, Leaflet, Python and R language are tools that help us create eye-catching maps and reach the next level of Web Mapping.

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