We stay very close to a range of technology partners, but we’re not married to any of them. As digital nomads’ network we have the flexibility to work with international experts.

Website development

Your website represents your brand. And a site that’s slow, messy or hard to use is a website that customers and prospects will avoid. Azeromonad’s network is here to help you build high-performing sites across a wide range of industries and utilizes web development technologies that are both confirmed and workable. With the options available in the market today, Azeronomad’s network can help its clients decide what would be the best for their needs. Our agency’s mission is to make the web development process easier for you: we help the clients choose the right tools for the right hosting, domain, CMS, content etc. We get the technical skills and processes to deliver high-performing websites.

E-commerce development

Recent businesses understood how important is to have your own online store. Last decades the frequency to develop of online shopping has raised drastically and the whole structure of shopping has changed dramatically.
eCommerce businesses know that user experience and revenue go hand in hand. When users find shopping hard, slow, or confusing, they don’t convert, and you don’t get paid. That’s why an eCommerce website should be working hard for you streamlining the business and making shopping effortless. But without a well-developed site, nothing would work as it’s like you are building strong experiences on fragile foundations. Considering our worldwide experience, we are focusing on some of the well-known content management platforms (CMS) and offer content management features (great for SEO). These are WooCommerce, our custom CMS platform based on C# programming language, Shopify, and Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento).

Web accessibility

Technology is moving forward and that means that we are able to build websites for all these people who have visual impairment, difficulty in hearing or understanding, or other disabilities. At Azeromonad’s we are able to create websites by following the international accessibility standards, so to make the websites accessible to people with disabilities. We succeed in that by following “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 in Development” for adjusting the web content (text, photos, sounds) and make them more friendly for all these people.


Website maintenance and hosting

By subscribing into a website maintenance plan with Azeromonad’s Network, we can help your website keep up with the ever-changing and evolving industry. Azeromonad’s network is one of the leading website maintenance agencies. Our web maintenance packages cover everything that your website may need – from simple content updates to extensive design updates. Our experts are ready to help you take all of the proper steps in maintaining your website on an on-going basis. We do not discriminate against any CMS platform and our vast experience allows us to help you with your website whether you’re on WordPress, Drupal, .Net, or even a pure HTML project. Azeromonad’s offers a secure, reliable website hosting either in our environment or through a private cloud server. Working with the most reliable and safe shared hosting companies in Europe (The Netherlands, Germany, Serbia and Athens) all of our clients from most small to medium-sized are more than sufficient as well as cost-effective.

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