Hello, people out there. How are you doing with the Stay Home?

Ok I know that this situation is very frustrating to all of us and we are worried for our family or friends who are on the high-risk group, however as we are 24/7 at the house, I believe it is a great opportunity to expand our knowledge, learn something new or see something new even if we are inside the house.  So do not miss this untapped opportunity.

I search all around the internet and I found all the things you can do, read, see and learn for free.  The below suggestion I think are for all the “tastes”. Let’s start!

Visual visit to Monuments and Museums

Google has created something super amazing that it’s called Google Arts & Culture. It is a platform where people can visit more than 32,000 artworks from 46 museums in 40 different countries. On this platform, you will be able to have a visual visit from the Taj Mahal in India, to the White House of the USA and the Louvre museum in Paris. If you visit the platform you will understand how much you can see through the street view tool by Google. Start your visit here!

Opera Lovers

 Metropolitan Opera

This is not for all of us but for all those who love opera. A few days ago, Metropolitan Opera announced that from Monday 16th March until Sunday 22nd March people can watch for free, with each performance available for a period of 20 hours, from 7:30 p.m. EDT until 3:30 p.m. the following day.

Please follow the MET Opera website to watch your favorite operas.

Paris Opera

The same opportunity offers the Paris Opera that is screening from 17th March its performance for free. You can visit the Paris Opera website to check the program or watch the performances.

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